Celebrating the Arts with the Youth of PJ

Celebrating the Arts with the Youth of PJ

On 16 August 2018, a total of 42 Youth from Petaling Jaya had participated in a field trip to the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival in KLPAC, Kuala Lumpur. The teenagers, aged 12-18 years old, were accompanied by 10 volunteers from the Petaling Jaya MP’s Office as part of its #105PJ initiative. The day trip was organised by the Office’s Youth sub-committee.

The programme is in line with the Youth Group’s vision to instill creativity among the youth living in Petaling Jaya who have limited exposure to the Arts. The programme is also an important opportunity for the volunteers to engage with the youth directly and to understand their needs and the problems that they face. Understanding the youth of today is important in order to address their needs especially in the complex and challenging social landscape of Petaling Jaya.

The programme started early Saturday morning and ended around 5pm that afternoon.

The teenagers had the opportunity to explore and participate in workshops, interactive theater performances, draw and create crafts. The Youth had displayed great enthusiasm for the Arts and were keen to engage in more creative pursuits in the future.

As the Youth returned to Petaling Jaya from their trip, Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah greeted the kids and had a chance to talk to them about their Arts Festival experience.

On the whole, the YSD Arts Festival was an exciting and unique opportunity for both the kids and volunteers to engage with one another while experiencing the magic of the Arts. Moving forward, the Group will use their experience here as a measure on how they can develop future youth programs towards empowering the #GenerasiHarapan..

This is the first activity organised by the Youth Group under the PJ MP’s Office. The Group will be carrying out more programmes under the #105PJ initiative towards creating a better future for the #Belia105.