Petaling Jaya has a high concentration of low-cost flats especially in the areas of Taman Medan and Seri Setia.

These areas have become associated with dilapidated buildings, social issues (gangsterism, drug abuse, etc) and poverty. These areas are often referred to as urban slums and is often the source of urban decay in Petaling Jaya.



One factor that can contribute towards this is the ability of the Residents, Joint Management Boards (JMB) and Building Management Committees to manage buildings. There is a need for more residents to understand their roles and responsibilities as responsible and caring residents, and their inter-dependence/ cooperation with the building management.

The desire for a better quality of life is driving residents’ to change from passive observers to become active participants in the development of their community.

This citizenship education programme is a series of lectures designed so that residents can spearhead change in their own communities, working together with the local government, civil societies and private institutions to rejuvenate common spaces and adopt sustainable living habits.


This programme is a part of YB Maria’s #105PJ initiative under its democracy and housing workstreams. Working together with NGOs MyPJ and the Jeffery Sachs Centre on Sustainable Development, and aims to empower residents using regulatory frameworks to achieve the dream of safe, clean, harmonious, and liveable communities.

The lectures are divided into ‘Caring Citizens Community Leadership’ and ‘Strata Management towards Liveable Communities’.

Strata Management towards Liveable Communities will enable residents to better understand their rights and responsibilities under the Strata management Act as well as implementing Standard House Rules when staying in flats.



Meanwhile, the Caring Citizens Community Leadership is working to assist residential communities to deal more effectively with their city councilors, Adun, MP and City Council by deepening their understanding of their different roles and the city council process.

The objective of this programme is to empower residents of PJ with the knowledge of their roles and obligations as responsible citizens, and to become a leader to assist in the development of a healthy and vibrant community where there is set of governance checks and balances to ensure that the community is run well.