Press Statement
Maria Chin Abdullah
Member of Parliament
3 October 2020

It has come to my attention that the cabinet held an emergency meeting which includes other Ministers, Deputies and department heads to discuss about the recent spike in Covid-19 cases.

I like an immediate response from the PM and his cabinet on the following:

  1. Was it not that all persons, including Ministers and Deputies, who went to Sabah and returned to Semenanjung be tested and placed under self quarantine for at least 14 days? In YB Zuraida’s fb post she said she was under self quarantine. So does it mean that all Ministers and Deputies are supposed to be under quarantine as well?
  2. Was the cabinet meeting an online meeting?
  3. If not, should those who attended the meeting and had violated the SOP be penalised, given that many ordinary citizens have been jailed and/or fined?

There should not be any double standards in adhering to Covid-19 SOPs, especially when the nation is still undergoing a recovery from Covid-19. Yes we have to live with the virus, we have to do urgent work but leaders, especially the PN government must show leadership and be true to all the announcement and warning that they have made to the people. We have Khairuddin setting an examle of what happens when a Minister breaks the SOPs. Let that be a lesson to the PM and his cabinet.

I do want an immediate response from the PM to my questions. If you have violated the SOPs please be brave to face the penalty as well. Lives are at stake here.